Box still

This set up is mainly used for water purification, but can obviously also be used for distilling alcohol. It is a very basic set up which will generate approx 40-60% alcohol content. It is comparable to the bucket still and solar still.

Distillers use heat to boil water (wash) into steam which is condensed back into water and collected in a purer form. When water boils, it leaves impurities behind in the boiling chamber. The rising steam passes into a cooling section and condenses back into a liquid. The condensed liquid (water) then flows into a storage container (see figure). Distillers remove almost all of the impurities from water supplies. As water is heated the impurities in the boiling chamber increase in concentration. The water left behind in the boiling chamber is discarded and the process is started over. Distilled water has a bland taste, because the dissolved minerals that give water a pleasing taste have been removed.

There is a gas vent mounted on top in order to allow expansion. You can easily use a fermentation lock for this.

Household distillers are designed for providing water for drinking and cooking.