How to build a still

That should not be too difficult to accomplish!

The following pages contain pictures taken during the construction of a nice looking copper (pot)still. Due to it's small capacity, It would be possible to perform the final (2nd or 3rd) distilling run on small batches or to perform a distillation run on herbs and spices.

The purpose of this pot still is clearly not to generate large volumes of (nearly) pure alcohol. If that's what you're looking for, then you need to look at a different kind of animal: the "reflux" stills....

Key components of a "potstill":

Important note:
It is a federal felony to actually use this information to build your own still and produce alcohol. The information presented here is simply for informative, educational and game-use only. In no way is this document meant to persuade people to actually produce illegal alcohol. It is ill advised to do so, but if you must there are legal ways to do so. It is possible, in special cases, to get a permit to build an experimental still, work on solar power, or power an alcohol gassed automobile. If you decide you want more information, look in the library under fuel alcohol, distillery, or wine making.