How to build a still

The column
The column is composed out of two main sections which can be disconnected. This is practical for cleaning purposes although it I don't think that it is of critical importance as you can also clean it by just rinsing.

I always let the availability of the components drive the design! I was just able to obtain the connectors very easily. Otherwise I just would have soldered the pieces together.

The column dimensions are:
Diameter: 65 mm / 2.5 inches
Length: 200 mm / 7.9 inches
I am just in the process of building yet another still, so here you see the existing column and the three components of the new column.
The connection I have used is the brass connecting ring from a siphon of a standard ceramic bathroom sink. (front right of the picture)

This will enable to reduce the diameter of the column from 65 mm /2.5 inches to 36 mm/1.4 inches. A standard copper pipe diameter is 32 mm/1.26 inches and standard connectors of 36-32 mm can be bought in any home improvement shop.

The solder looks crappy as I have not cleaned it at this stage yet. I have soldered a 12 mm/ 0.47 inch copper tube to fit the thermometer on the highest point of the column.

Again, make sure that the solder you want to use is actually lead-free!! - You do not want to poison yourself...

I usually seal the thermometer airtight using the well known "flour and water" mixture. This turned out to be the most easy way in this case. Alternatively you can use silicon kit.

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