How to build a still

The condenser
The counter flow condenser

On the web, there are numerous of illustrations of home made counter flow condensers available. As the concept of a counter flow condenser is very simple, I have decided not to add another schematic image to this pool of information. Therefore I have collected some examples from various web sites and published them on these pages. Furthermore, I have published some pictures of my two main counter flow condensers on the following pages.


The counter flow condenser usually consists of two pipes of a different diameter. Through the inner pipe, the warm vapors travel. The area between the two pipes is filled with water. This water is fed through the pipes by connecting the inlet to a source of (cold) water.

The counter flow condenser is very easy to construct from standard copper piping and couplings, which are available at any DIY store.

The condenser basically consists of 4 components

  • Inner tube
  • Outer tube
  • Coupling top
  • Coupling bottom

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