So you want to build a still, huh?

Building a basic still is not very complicated or very expensive, and everybody can do it! There are three important parts to making a standard pot still.

1. First you need a boiling pot, needs to be over 5 gallons otherwise you'll lose too much when you throw away your first and last 100ml (also called heads and tails).
2. Moving on, your boiling pot needs to be connected to a column & condenser. Both very easy to build with some copper tubing.
3. At the end you need a collection pot/jar for the alcohol.

The boiler, Column & condensor need to be (close to) air tight, which can be achieved even with simple solutions such as flour and water. This is a basic pot still that will produce a distillate of about 60% alcohol. For higher alcohol percentages you will need a reflux column which is mildly more complicated. 

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