Grain based recipes, the real deal!

Various details regarding the production of grain based alcohol is described in the section "making the wash - grain based".
In this section, you will find specific PROVEN recipes to produce your own grain alcohol based drinks.


Other grain based alcohols

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- Whiskey (Irish & American)

- Whisky (Scottish)

- Bourbon (American Whiskey)

- Gin (British)

- Jenever/Genever (Dutch Gin)

Note: Bear in mind that you can forget about distilling grain based washes, if you are using a still with an INTERNAL electrical heating element which is mounted inside the boiler! If you have the boiler in a water bath (Aub Baine Marie), it is not a problem.

You will have too many solids remaining in the wash that will burn onto the element. The alcohol will have a bad flavor and odor, which you can not remove/polish out. Also it will be difficult to get the element cleaned up after distillation.