Parrot / Epouvrette

A parrot or epouvrette is a simple device for holding an alcoholometer during distillation, allowing for continual monitoring of the proof of the emerging distillate.

It is a gadget, i.e. you can survive without it. It is relatively simple to make, but very practical during the distillation runs.

In professional distilleries, you will find the parrot or epouvrette set up inside the spirit safe.


Basic rules you have to keep in mind

  • Note that the pressure release is necessary. Without that, pressure coming from the boiler through the column, then through the condenser is blocked by the alcohol in the U syphon and alcohometer may be projected in the air like a rocket! This can happen in case you have connected the parrot direct to the condenser, with no other way for pressure exhaust.
Where to get it
  • Build your own.....
  • Some commercial links can be found in the section "Where to buy..."
Schematic setup of a parrot