Thermometers are of critical importance! Based on the temperature, you can determine at what stage you are in the distillation process. Pure alcohol evaporates at 78oC. By remaining the vapor in the top of the column at this temperature, a clean alcohol with a minimum of impurities will be obtained.

The most practical thermometer in my view is a digital one as:
- it provides a much easier reading of temperature
- it is more precise and you can set alarm sound if the temperature deviates from the set temperature.

Obviously, a digital thermometer is the most expensive version. A standard glass thermometer will do as well.

Distillation thermometer
-10 - +110C,
length 25 cm.
Digital thermometer Distillation thermometer -10 - +110C

Basic rules you need keep in mind
  • Don't spend a fortune on these things if you are just starting. They basic glass version should not cost more than $10 - $20. The digital versions could easily cost you between $50 - $100.

Where to get it:
  • Check your local homebrew shop. They will have them - no doubt about it!
  • Check the web if there is no homebrew shop in your area.