Published: Sunday, January 15, 2012, 12:08 PM


State Police Issues Warning About Poisonous Moonshine in Doddridge County

By Jamie Stover, Barbour, Doddridge, Randolph and Ritchie County Reporter

The W.Va. State Police said a Doddridge County man died last week after drinking 'tainted' moonshine. 'Tainted' moonshine is when it wasn't made properly or something was added to it. Now, Doddridge County Law Enforcement is urging anyone who may have purchased or received moonshine in Doddridge County to dispose of it immediately.

"Besides the fact that it's illegal, you never know what someone has used to manufacture this stuff," said W.Va. State Police in Doddridge County Sgt. Wayne Vessels. "People need to know that this dangerous substance is out there that has been manufactured and distributed in the Doddridge County in the area. And if they have any of it, please don't drink it. Get rid of the stuff."

The State Police in Doddridge County tell us they are still investigating where the substance came from and are waiting for a toxicology report to see what the poisonous substance is.