A 65-year-old man is facing multiple charges under the Excise Act after Surrey RCMP busted an illegal “moonshine” operation in the 12500 block of 70 Ave. RCMP

A Surrey man is facing four charges for allegedly selling moonshine out of his basement window, according to the RCMP.

Officers arrested the 65-year-old on Wednesday at his home in Newton near 125 Street and 70 Avenue, said Cpl. Drew Grainger.

"In the course of this investigation it was observed several times that people were...walking up to the basement window of the residence...and transactions were apparently made for what appears to be an illegal distilled spirit," said Grainger.

Investigators also found five large barrels containing approximately 200 gallons of moonshine in various stages of fermentation in a trailer at the rear of the property, said Grainger.

A search within this family residence also located approximately 30 containers of distilled spirits, he said.

The man is now facing four charges under the Excise Act including:

  • Production and packaging of spirits.
  • Possession of a still.
  • Sale of alcohol.
  • Possession of bulk alcohol.

The City of Surrey is also investigating possible bylaw infractions in the incident.

Police warn moonshine can be dangerous and even lethal.