Published: Aug 25, 2011

Busted: Vincent moonshine still

August 25, 2011
By Brad Bauer - The Marietta Times ( , The Marietta Times

For the second time in less than a week, Washington County sheriff's deputies say they've uncovered a large moonshine operation.

The most recent bust came after search warrants were executed Tuesday and Wednesday at 4081 Veto Road, Vincent.

Sheriff's Detective Lt. Brian Schuck said he received information this week that Jonathan P. Angus, 30, of the Veto Road address, was distilling large quantities of the illegal spirits.

Schuck said the most recent search revealed a 55-gallon stainless steel and copper still, ingredients for making moonshine, along with approximately eight gallons of the finished product.

"We also found records indicating he was selling the moonshine for $60 a gallon and $300 for a five-gallon container," Schuck said. "He's admitted to having been making the stuff for several years."

Schuck said Angus lives at the residence with a brother, who was not identified and is not a suspect in the operation.

"He had knowledge but he's not facing charges at this time," Schuck said.

Like the two Waterford men implicated in a moonshine operation last week, Angus remains uncharged as state liquor control officials conduct tests on the alcohol.

Under Ohio law, the illegal manufacture of moonshine is a first-degree misdemeanor, unless certain toxins are found in the product. If poisons are detected, it could raise the penalty to a fourth-degree felony.

"I just checked today to see if results were back from the first case and it sounds like it could be several weeks before we get any results back," Schuck said. "We won't file any charges until those results are back."

On Aug. 17, another tip led deputies to the discovery of a still at 398 Curry Road, Waterford. Deputies said charges are pending from that case against Archie Curry, 74, of 398 Curry Road, and his son, Alex Curry, 49, of 554 Curry Road.

Schuck said he has no evidence linking the two operations. He said recent media accounts of the first bust may have prompted the second tipster to come forward.

Schuck added that Angus is no stranger to law enforcement. He said Angus was out of jail on bond at the time of the search warrant after he was charged Aug. 8 with fourth-degree felony drunk driving.

"I believe he told us it was the sixth time he's been arrested for OVI," Schuck said.

Under Ohio law, it illegal for unlicensed individuals to produce distilled alcohol. It is legal for individuals to produce wines, beer and hard cider, which have a substantially lower alcohol content. Moonshine, a homemade whiskey, became popular during the 1920s during the Prohibition era.