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Recipes can be divided based on the base material used for fermentation.

Receipes using grain or potato based alcohol

Recipes using neutral/sugar based alcohol

Fundamentals of diluting high % alcohol to drinkeable strenght

In order to make the alcohol drinkable, you must reduce the % of alcohol to a maximum of 40% by adding boiled water.

If you add boiled water or any other liquid, make sure that: you add the liquid to the water!! (not the other way around, i.e.- have the water and add the alcohol) make sure that the water has the same temperature as the alcohol! If you fail one of these basic rules, there us a fair chance that you will get a hazy liqueur, which you can not filter out!

Basic sugar syrup for sweetening liqueur

1 kg Sugar
1 gram of Citric Acid

Dissolve 1 kg of sugar in 0,45 liter of water.
Bring the water/sugar mixture to a gently boil and add 1 gram of citric acid.
Boil for another 10 more minutes and let it cool.

This will give you 1 liter sugar sirop which will not cristalize back in to solid sugar particules when you mix it with your home made alcohol.

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