Nordic Designs

Steam powererd

The Nordic region of Europe is very famous for it's home production of alcoholic liquors due to it's extreme taxation on alcohol. I have spent quite some time in Sweden and Denmark and I must admit, going to a bar to have a drink is a true burden to your wallet! No wonder they are selling designs and distilling apparatus at gas stations.

1. Design from Denmark

I ran into this design on a Danish website. Unfortunately, Danish is not my best language, so I leave it to you to figure it out! This sort of "mini-reflux" still is said to be good for up to 70%. The mini still has to be constructed very precisely though in case you would like to have it working properly..... Isn't this a nice one? One would like to have one just to look at! It is a genuine beauty....

(click to enlarge)

2. Design from Finland

Found on the internet:

Reima tells me ..."there is a neat still at only it is in my old lingo so I have translated it hoping the owner does not mind. It should tickle the minds of those who like to play with thumpers, cause it seems to have one built in."

Lower colon is 300-400mm high. Top one is 250mm. Red tube of 8mm and blue of 10mm copper.

This does a double distilling in one go, like a built in thumper, and is self tuning. Only critical tuning needed is cooling water flow. Steam goes through "A" and condenses on its way back to lower colon coil made of 8mm by about 1m length copper tube. In this coil, being in the path of about 90C vapours a new boiling of distillate occurs. At the bottom of this coil there must be a 50mm liquid lock (a bend up). The lighter ethanol in this coil boils and travels up to the T piece and to the condenser, the heavier stuff runs back to the boiler through the liquid lock. Both colons are of 60mm outside diameter SS-tube Lower colon is 350-400mm and top one is 250mm length. Coils of 8mm copper tube. Tube A 10mm and B 8 mm tube. This works on a 20 litre boiler heated with a 1 kW heater. Condenser coil length is not critical 0.5m length is enough. Highest pressure in this system is then 50mm water height.

When tube A is starting to warm up it is time to let in some cooling water, only little. It should not run out as thick as a match stick, if too much cooling there will not come out anything. Try to keep the top colons lower part hand warm when its upper part is hot. And remember the slower it comes out the stronger it is.