What Is A Pilsner?

There are lots of different drinks to explore in the world of beer, wine, and spirits. Many people love a light and hoppy lager, whereas others would lean more toward a dry gin or a sweet wine.

However, there are more beers out there than many people might have originally thought when they took that first sip of Budweiser or Coors. Because of this, many people might not know what a pilsner is, where it comes from, or even what it looks like.

What Is A Pilsner?

Follow our guide to find out all of these things and see if you might be sipping a pilsner in your near future.

At the end of the day, many people like to drink alcohol because they enjoy the taste or because they want to relax with friends.

Pilsners are a great drink and can offer something different for those wanting to try something new, but similar.

What Is A Pilsner?

In case you hadn’t guessed by now, a pilsner is an alcoholic beverage that has a lot of similarities to beers you may have already tried.

Coming with light colors and a crisp taste, pilsners have been popular throughout a lot of European countries for decades and will no doubt be sticking around throughout the future, as many more people become fans of the drink.

With a frothy head and bubbles accompanying, this drink is one that beer lovers around the world would be worse off not trying.

Unlike a lot of other beers, pilsners tend to keep their bright color, rather than looking a lot darker. This is down to the lagering process that is present during the production of the beverage.

Pilsners have a brewing and carbonation process that is helped and defined by the cooler temperatures involved when making the drink.

Much like other lagers and beers, pilsners are bottom-fermenting types of beer and will have a wonderful taste for anyone who finds themselves indulging in drinking it.

What Does Pilsner Taste Like?

Pilsners are relatively young when compared to the likes of beers, ales, and meads because they only really appeared in the 1840s for the first time.

This, compared to beers that have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, means that pilsner is arguably more modern than its counterparts.

But, what does it taste like? Well, the flavor differs greatly depending on what brand you’re drinking and the wheat style involved with making the drink.

Unlike some of the heavier beers in the world, pilsners are light in flavor and usually have a flavor that heavily relies on yeast to stimulate the tastebuds. 

Low in hops, these beers are great during the summer or on a hot afternoon in the sun. Pilsners are very similar to lagers and have a crisp aftertaste for those who love a light beer. They are best when kept chilled at the proper temperature.

However, Czech pilsners are slightly darker and give off more of a bitter essence when drinking.

Where Do Pilsners Come From?

Where Do Pilsners Come From?

As we just hinted, pilsners originally come from the Czech Republic in Europe, which means that the closer you are to that country, the better your pilsner selection is likely to be!

We all know that a lot of European beers can be stronger than the likes of Corona and Budweiser, so it’s always good to check the bottle for percentages before drinking.

Although these pilsners might be stronger than your average lager, they can often come in varying sizes and strengths, so it’s always good to try and find a pilsner that comes in a size and percentage that suits you and your drinking palette.

What’s The Difference Between Pilsners And Lagers?

Also known as pale lagers in some parts of the world, there is a slight difference between lagers and pilsners, however, many beer-drinking novices around the world would be forgiven for not realizing it straight away.

Pilsners are visibly different from lagers because of a few reasons. 

First off, the foam at the top of the beer is visibly bigger than lagers and usually a lot thicker, which means that it takes longer to fizzle away.

Many people often dislike a beer with a head that disappears too quickly, so pilsners can be ideal for many who want to drink their beverage for longer.

On top of this, the color of the drink can often be a lot darker than more common lagers, which can put a lot of people off if they don’t like stronger beers.

However, just because a lot of them are darker in color, it doesn’t mean that it is automatically stronger than other lager types.

When buying any beer, you know that the strength will vary depending on what brand you buy and the type of product you’ll be purchasing.

Pilsners are very similar to the types of lagers you see in bars and can be very light when they’re made in a certain way. However, many of them can be a lot stronger and will taste a lot heavier due to this!

How Is Pilsner Made?

Being brewed with lager yeast and pilsner malt, this drink is made using spicy hops and lightly kilned barley to create a strong and potent aroma that many beer drinkers love to experience.

Lager yeast and soft water are crucial to the making of this drink and usually allow anyone to make this kind of pilsner, no matter what their beer-making ability.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Pilsner is a great type of beer that many view as a bridge that boards the gap between lagers and ales.

Although pilsners aren’t always stronger than lager by default, they can be considerably stronger depending on the brand and the area of the world that you find yourself in when buying one.

The Czech Republic is a great place for drinks and has produced many authentic beers over the years, with lots of different pilsners making an appearance since they first came about during the 1800s.

Lager drinkers are bound to enjoy pilsners and should give them a chance if they have the opportunity!

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